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Why Outsourcing a Social Media Manager may be a better option for your business in 2021!

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

All of our clients controlled their business’s social media accounts before we did. There are many reasons why you as a business owner might decide to outsource a Social Media Manager, or hire a marketing employee.

  1. It’s time consuming! Who wants to work all day in their business, and come home at night to sit on Facebook or Instagram creating content and engaging with their audience? When building a business and a brand, owners understand the sacrifice they make with their time but it comes to a point where it’s tooooo much.

  2. Don’t have the skills to build or grow their channels in the way that they need Marketing is an industry of it’s own and just because you are a fantastic chef who’s opened their own restaurant does not mean you necessarily have specialist knowledge to effectively market your business on social media.

  3. Don’t really understand the power of social media Believe it or not, some business owners are still skeptical about how social media can increase sales and help grow their business and look for someone to show them if and how this can be done.

When deciding you need someone in place of you to take care of marketing, it can be a big decision whether to hire by outsourcing or by employing a full time member of staff. For large businesses, there’s no doubt about it - hiring a marketing team is the most cost effective way forward however for small to medium sized businesses, it’s very different. If you think you will have enough work to keep someone busy from 9am - 5pm, Monday to Friday, then hiring an employee may be the better option for you BUT be prepared to pay upwards of £25,000 per year for an experienced marketing executive and upwards of £30,000 for an experienced marketing manager (in Scotland).

This is where outsourcing can be hugely beneficial to your business. 1. More cost effective

You can pay an experienced Social Media Manager a fraction of the monthly cost to achieve the same (or better) results.

2. No PAYE, sick pay, holiday pay or pension contributions required When hiring an employee, the costs don’t stop at their salary. Be prepared to pay all of the above on top of their monthly earnings.

3. The Social Media Manager will be up to date on current trends and strategies In order to deliver results, it’s vital that Social Media Managers remain at the top of their game so rest assured they are always learning and bringing new strategies to your business to produce better results

4. Available out of hours It’s not reasonable to contact your employed marketing assistant at 9pm on a Friday night when you’ve forgotten about something vital that needs posted over the weekend. Outsourcing means that you can contact your Social Media Manager at any time for assistance without feeling guilty about infringing on their personal time.

5. A fresh and new perspective

An outside influence on marketing can be very beneficial. A Social Media Manager can see outside the box and draw on their experience from a variety of industries.

6. Gives time back to the business, or you if you’ve been marketing out of hours

There’s only so long you can dedicate every day to your business, and every night to social media. Outsourcing means you know your social platforms are in capable hands so you can concentrate on running the business.

If you think you are ready to outsource a Social Media Manager, get in touch today!

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