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Brand New Package - LinkedIn


When Social Media Manager started trading, our target market was small local businesses and that's who all of our clients were. As time went on, we began to adapt our packages to enhance our offering, which we knew would produce the necessary results for clients.

Naturally we began to attract larger clients, often in the B2B (business to business) sector - one of our newest clients have over 300 employees globally!

Why LinkedIn?

This is where LinkedIn comes in! If you're involved in a B2B company, you'll know LinkedIn is a powerful tool. In fact, 51% of our monthly revenue comes from clients we acquired through LinkedIn. Even if you're not looking to find customers on LinkedIn, having an active presence can boost your profile within your industry/sector.

While there's certainly a place for B2B businesses on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok etc, LinkedIn is often where most of our B2B customers want to be.

Our Solution

We've created a brand new package, solely for LinkedIn, which will help you boost the LinkedIn presence of your company and staff. It's time to start telling people about all the great things are doing. Your competitors are doing it, so why shouldn't you?!

Check out our NEW package which can help you do just that from £800 per month!

  • Initial Discovery Meeting

  • Strategy Document

  • Management of 2 staff member's LinkedIn profiles

  • Management of company LinkedIn page

  • Weekly Content creation (up to 5 posts per week)

  • Building personal connections & network

  • Building following on company page

  • Ongoing graphic design for content purposes

  • Photography session for headshots/office images

  • Monthly progress review & statistics report

What now?

If you are interested in taking advantage of this new package for your business, get in touch! We'd love to help you.

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